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At Leisureshopdirect we stock an extensive list of jockey wheels both for caravans and for trailers. And because we also believe in helping our customers to repair and upgrade their existing equipment, rather than having to buy whole items new when just one part needs replacing, we also stock a range of spares and parts for your trailer or caravan jockey wheelfrom jockey wheel spindles, to clamp brackets, spare wheels and manoeuvring handles.

The ultimate caravan jockey wheel

So you should find what you are looking for, whatever your trailer or caravan jockey wheel requirements are. Jockey Wheels at highly competitive prices If you are looking for a jockey wheel for caravan or trailer and want to pay comeptitive pricing, then you are on the right site.

At leisureshopdirect we pride ourslves on keeping our prices low and therefore our customers happy. Jockey Wheels are designed to help 'jockey' a trailer or caravan into place, hence the name. Usually located at the front near the hitch, they retract when not in use, as they are not designed to be load bearing. So, when the trailer or caravan is hitched up and being move Read More The Jockey Pocket cradles the Jockey wheel to prevent the jockey wheel from sinking in to soft ground.

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Can be used in conjunction with the Stacka Jacka Levels. Can hold up to kg of weight Supplied without clamp. Iron casting with steel tubes. Strong steel wheel with rubber tyre. Heavy steel section used for the forks.

caravan jockey wheel

Caravan Jockey Wheel: Ideal for caravans and light commercial trailers. Caravan Jockey wheel complete 48mm shaft, pneumatic tyre. The zinc plating ensures that weather will not start to corrode and affect the strength of the wheel and steel pole. Super heavy duty ribbed telescopic caravan jockey wheel 48mm jockey wheel.

Heavy duty jockey wheel with 42mm shaft. Suitable for heavier trailers and catering vehicles. As you may well know a jockey wheel is a vital piece of kit for supporting your caravan or trailer when hitching up and also for stability when it is unhitched.Most caravans come with one already fitted to the drawbar or A-frame. However, over time it may not be as effective at its job and you may want to replace or you may just want to replace it to buy a better one.

There are so many out there that it can be difficult to know what is a good one and one is the right one for you. To help avoid a lot of stress and headaches then, we have put together this caravan jockey wheel replacement guide that you can use as a reference when the time comes and you want to buy a new one.

We are back with Maypole for the third item on our list. This particular jockey wheel replacement does not come with a clamp.

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If you need a replacement clamp and jockey wheel you need to look elsewhere. However, it is more or less the same as the other Maypole item.

caravan jockey wheel

With a mm steel wheel. Our next great product is just for the jockey wheel on its own and does not come with a spindle or clamp. Again, this is not a complete spindle and wheel, but just the wheel itself and tyre. We hope it has been a helpful guide to jockey wheels that help you understand their importance, what to look for when buying a new one or replacement.

Hopefully, you will find a suitable one from those we highlighted above. As a general rule of thumb, it is wise to choose a wider and larger one rather than a model that is narrower. If the jockey wheel digs in too much it can put a lot of strain on you and the rest of the caravan outfit.

As noted earlier, it can be hard for a newcomer to know what is a good or bad jockey wheel. There are many differences between on and the other, which is why we are going to discuss the main ones here and what you really should look out for. Although different jockey wheels have different heights and some have inflatable tyres while others have solid rubber ones, the biggest and most important difference is actually in how they work. A fixed or standard jockey wheel is normally bolted or welded onto the drawbar and can have pneumatic or solid wheels.

The height is adjusted by undoing a level and pushing the shaft upwards or pulling it downwards to the required position. This is generally the choice for most average leisure and domestic applications.

caravan jockey wheel

A jockey wheel with a swivel bracket is designed to make it easier to use. While an adjustable swivel bracket jockey wheel provides you with the option of swivelling it or removing it, as well as adjusting the height. Try speaking to other caravan owners, if you get the chance, to see how easy a particular jockey wheel is and which they prefer, being sure to also ask how easy they are to manoeuvre, adjust and remove.

Regardless of the actual jockey wheel replacement you choose, you should avoid placing excessive weight onto it and try to use it, if possible, when the caravan is empty or has its lightest load. Jockey wheels, even the best, are not designed for bearing heavy loads. When parking, it can be helpful to use a board underneath the jockey wheel to help it distribute the load better and prevent it from sinking into the ground too much which could cause damage to the wheel or the jack.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Table of Contents.Its April and its seven months since we collected our new caravan. One of the few niggles I have with the caravan is its terrible Jockey wheel. The jockey wheel is a standard ALKO type made of a hard plastic and this became an issue when we manoeuvred the caravan at a recent trip away at Lincoln Farm Park.

The wheel would not turn when we moved the caravan with the motor mover, and just kept digging into the pitch. From the outset the most appealing thing for me is the tyre. This should ride easier on gravel or compacted rubble — like our storage yard. This means no additional clips, tie backs or fixings are required. Incidentally, the old jockey wheel was just 7 months old.

caravan jockey wheel

When I replaced the wheel, I looked closely and found a crack in the plastic moulding. In its entire life I would imaging its travelled no more that 20meters on the floor, so if you do have jockey wheel issues — do check it is okay and spinning freely. Anyway, back to the review.

The construction of the new Jockey wheel is pretty substantial, this is indicated by its increase in weight and chunky design. This one weighs in at just under 6Kg, and the Alko counterpart is around the 5Kg mark. Swapping the jockey wheel over is quite simple. I created a video on how to replace a jockey wheel, have a look here on hints and tips on doing this yourself.

After the swap over I took the caravan for a trip out of its bay in the storage yard, left and right then back into its home. The jockey wheel was far better than its predecessor. Not only was it quieter, it moved freely and changed direction when I swung the caravan around.

One thing I noticed was how the jockey wheel would ride on the stones. The original jockey wheel would almost fall off large stones and eventually bog down pushing the stones behind the wheel — causing that trade mark grove. This jockey wheel is a better construction, better quality than the one that came off.

I like it, and if you are in the market for a new jockey wheel consider this one. A huge thank you to Kartt for sending this product for review, Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Funnily enough, I have been looking at and considering this jockey wheel Dan for the same reasons you quote. I have the same problem with my of jockey wheel and was thinking of replacing it.

Having seen your video and review this will be the one for me. Hi Dan, avidif recent follower. Not coloured just galvanised? Great channel BTW Mick.

Caravan Mover/Electric Jockey Wheel

Has anyone has any problems with this jockey wheel? I fitted one to a Bailey Pegasus ll and had trouble stowing it once the van was hooked up to the car. Any ideas? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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How to attach a Satellite TV Clamp to a Caravan Jockey Wheel

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.There are a few simple things you should think about before you make your decision. Do you need something for a little box trailer, horse float or twin axle caravan? Do you just unhook and leave in the same spot or do you need to use the jockey wheel to maneuver? How tall does it need to be - do you have a high offroad camper? Standard Jockey Wheels The standard alko jockey wheel is what you would commonly see on trailers or small caravans.

They have solid tyres and a standard clamp which can be welded or bolted on to the A-Frame. They are a basic jockey wheel, good for simple unhooking with not much movement.

Instead you simply pull the handle to release the locking pins and rotate the wheel down. Not only does it save you time in setup but also means you do not have to find space to store the jockey wheel when not in use.

Swivel bracket units generally come with larger solid rubber wheels for easier mobility. The large dual wheels give a larger platform for spreading the drawbar weight. This provides unmatched traction on both hard and soft surfaces, while the trailing yoke design offers superior manoeuvrability.

The detachable side winding handle is another feature of this easy to use design. These units enable a single person to maneuver larger caravans into positions impossible to achieve when still attached to a tow vehicle. The Alko Power Mover was one of the first models available with a ratchet and lever system and is ideal for moving single axle caravans with a ball weight of up to kg. Next on the list is the dual wheel EasyMover, designed for twin axle caravans with a static capacity of kg.

Building on the ratchet jockey wheel concept they have a multi gear system with added safety features for effortless and secure movement even on an incline of up to 10 degrees. There are 2 models available, the 5X is designed for single axle caravans, horse floats and trailers up to kg.

It has a heavy duty mounting bracket which attaches to the drawbar, side winding crank handle and an auto engaging safety break. Also gear driven using a side winding handle or the included drill attachment can be used in conjunction with a 18v cordless drill if you prefer.Our Tug V3 allows you to maneuver your caravan in confined spaces a tow vehicle cannot get to. Easy to park in the front yard driveway, showroom or caravan park. Maybe you just like the security of parking your caravan or trailer with the bar away from the road as easy as one two three.

Just park it and forget about it. We all know visiting exquisite places can mean it gets busy but that is not a worry with a caravan mover, all the hard work is done.

We have the TUG V3 in stock and are able to ship directly to you. To assist all of our interstate customers, we will now offer free freight to your door. It has been improved on over the years to its third generation, TUG V3. It was originally made for friends and family to prevent back, neck and muscle injury, that can occur when trying to move heavy caravans into areas that vehicles cannot access.

Once realising how successful the mover is, Barry found ways of improving on its original design and went into manufacturing them for everybody to enjoy.

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We are Western Australian, owned and operated the company, the TUG V3 is made in our factory using local and imported components. Each TUG V3 is individually built and tested before it leaves our factory. It is due to this we can offer a year warranty, the only electric jockey wheel company in the world to offer such a warranty. Maybe you would like to be able to position your caravan with the A bar away from the road, making it more secure. Now available with optional wireless remote control.

Perfect for maneuvering boat trailers into difficult locations. The TUG V3 has the unique handle making it easy to look down either side of the trailer whilst operating. You may have a smaller trailer that just needs to go into a location that a tow vehicle cannot access. Large or small trailers the TUG V3 makes the job easy. The Tow Ball Mount sold separately is proving to be very popular, as it does away with the need to remove the jockey wheel to access its clamp.

It also takes care of those trailers with a swing- away jockey wheel already fitted. It has been extensively tested, and as the picture shows, it is a very simple device and easy to fit. Many owners have found more than one use for it.The humble jockey wheel, faithful servant of the caravan to guide it on its merry way. Caravan jockey wheels can get broken and damaged for a range of reasons. However, even if your jockey wheel is not broken, is it actually performing the way you would like?

Depending on the ground conditions some caravan jockey wheels can drag instead of roll. This can be very frustrating for two reasons. Furthermore, a dragging jockey wheel makes it much hard to steer the caravan to where you want it. There is a wide range of caravan jockey wheels available from plastic, air, rubber and motorised. But which are the best? So I thought I would write I post on caravan jockey wheels referencing my own observations, along with those of our guests.

There is a pretty wide range of caravan jockey wheels to choose from. Either solid plastic, air pneumaticrubber and even motorised. They are made to various qualities and at different price points. If you are interested in a particular type of caravan jockey wheel please use the Table of Contents below to jump to that section.

Before I discuss the particular types of caravan jockey wheel I think its best to discuss the various factor that affects their performance.

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Its easy to forget until they break what an important role a jockey wheel plays in manoeuvring a caravan. For instance, here at Horton Common, our road goes in front of the pitches. Therefore, caravans have to be reversed onto the pitches.

Now, from my experience, most caravanners find reversing a caravan very tricky indeed. Also, several get concerned about clutch damage. Therefore, many of our guests uncouple their caravan and use their motormover to position the caravan onto the pitch. To be able to use a motor mover to steer and direct a caravan you need the jockey wheel to provide good support and rotation. Our hardstanding is very firm with only a light gravel dressing.

This not only makes it harder to steer the caravan, but it also puts more load on the motormover and leisure battery. Typical ground conditions on which you will be trying to manoeuvre your caravan will be tarmac, gravel and grass.

Before we had our road and hardstanding put in at Horton Common, the site was open for two seasons with just grass pitches. Wet British winters and clay subsoil made it pretty obvious for us that the long term viability of our site required hard standing. But what it did provide me with was observations on the performance of caravan jockey wheels on the grass.

First and foremost, if the ground is very wet, every jockey wheel is going to perform pretty poorly. However, some are worse than others. Narrow solid jockey wheels simply act a plough, making the process of manuring a caravan on the soft ground even harder.

Inflatable jockey wheels can perform better on soft ground. The reason being they generally provide a wider point of contact with the ground to displace the caravan noseweight.View Basket. News, views, offers, competitions - sign up to our email newsletters for the latest in motorhomes, caravans, shows, camping and more. Hide message. A well functioning caravan jockey wheel can make all the difference to manoeuvring away from the towcar, especially if you don't have a caravan mover to do the donkey work.

With typical noseweights in the range 75 to 95kg, a jockey wheel has a lot of weight to carry. It stands to sense that the larger and wider a caravan jockey wheel is, the less likely it will be to sink on soft or loose surfaces.

A caravan jockey wheel that digs in can impose enormous strains on you, your caravan mover, your leisure battery and the jockey wheel's mounting bracket. It is light and reasonably wide to resist sinking into soft ground. I well remember the jockey wheel that came with a new caravan I bought in the s.

It was so narrow that I jokingly called it my 'pizza cutter'. It made a mess of my gravel driveway, and I soon replaced it with a pneumatic one that performed very much better. On that occasion, I opted to replace not just the wheel itself but the whole wheel and mast assembly.

It was a good decision; the new wheel would have been too wide for the old forks. However, it is worth noting that virtually all jockey wheels are designed to fit a 20mm spindle, so swapping only the wheel may just be a possibility.

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Pneumatic wheels perform much better that solid ones. Their superior performance is particularly the case on loose surfaces such as gravel since they ride over the rough surface better. For this reason, I recently opted to replace the solid wheel of my AL-KO Premium caravan jockey wheel with a pneumatic one.

The tyre on the old wheel had become badly chewed as a result of several years' use with a large noseweight caravan on a gravel drive.

Although the new wheel fitted between the forks, it turned out that the hub was not broad enough to keep it central. The result was that the tyre caught on the forks. I solved the problem with some specially-made washers, but the next time I came to use it the tyre had gone flat. Therein lies the Achilles heel of pneumatic wheels - if they go flat they can leave you stranded.

I even remember one bursting on a hot summer's day in France. The caravan was pitched at the time. As an alternative to a single pneumatic wheel, it is possible to fit two, or even three, to a jockey wheel mast. Reich markets a product known as the ' Easy Wheel Set '.

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